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Talk – Why Don’t We

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[Pre-Chorus: Daniel Seavey]
Our lips are moving, they're makin' words
Words turn to riddles, we make it worse
'Cause I'm not listening, and you're not listening, no
We try to fix it, it never works

[Chorus: Jonah Marais]
We go, breaking up like cell phones
When I speak, 'cause you don't listen when I talk
Dial tone, nothing but that high note
When you speak, 'cause I don't listen when you talk

[Post-Chorus: Daniel Seavey & Jonah Marais]
Ooh, yeah, don't think we'll ever get better, better
Gets worse with every letter, letter
Dial tone, nothing but that high note
On repeat, 'cause we don't listen when we talk