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RITMO – The Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin

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RITMO - The Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin Klingeltone:

The rhythm, the rebel, styles upon styles upon styles, I got several
Born to be wild 'cause I live like a daredevil
Live it up, hit 'em up, that's the scenario (2Pac)
I get around like a merry go (rooftop)
I am on top of the pedestal (flu shot)
I am so sick I need medical (who thought?)
I learned that shit down in Mexico (hahaha!)
The rhythm, the rebel
New and improved, I be on a new level (oh yeah)
That's how we do it, we buildin' like LEGO (oh yeah)
Feel on the fire, you dealin' with fuego
Can't stop, I am addicted I never quit
Won't stop, don't need to speak to no therapist
No stop, keepin' it movin' is the narrative
Nonstop, do it like woo, there it is