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Pitbull – Fun ft. Chris Brown

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Pitbull - Fun ft. Chris Brown Klingeltone

Oh my my, looking like good-good time
Don't disguise, the way you wanna love tonight
Oh my my, hook you with a brand new high
Don't be shy, I just wanna live tonight, have a little F.U.N, fun(woo!)

[Verse 2: Pitbull & Chris Brown]
Fresh from Monaco, performin' for Microsoft
Miami to L.A., G4, we takin' off (woo)
I'm a hard worker, I'm far from the boss
But when it's said and done, I'm ownin' it all (oh)
I know you think it’s just rap (huh, huh)
Just this, just that, haha, right (huh)
Nah, baby, this my life
Wanna have fun for a night? Then just (woo!)