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Nelly – Just A Dream

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I was at the top and now its like I'm in the basement
Number one spot and now she find her a replacement
I swear now I can't take it, knowing somebody's got my baby
And now you ain't around baby I can't think
I should've put it down, should've got the ring
'Cause I can still feel it in the air
See her pretty face run my fingers through her hair
My lover, my life, my shawty, my wife
She left me, I'm tied
'Cause I knew that it just ain't right
I was thinking bout her, thinkin' bout me
Thinkin' bout us, what we gon' be
Open my eyes yeah, it was only Just A Dream
So I traveled back, down that road
Will she come back, no one knows
I realize yeah, it was only Just A Dream