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A$AP Rocky – Gunz N Butter

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A$AP Rocky - Gunz N Butter Klingeltone

Mama warned me pop was on me
Acid shorty (shut the fuck up)
Get get gettin' guap before when I was fourteen Glock was forty (kick, kick)
Bounce your jaw for plottin' on me
Hot bologna grits with
Problems copper hoppin' on me
Cheese from government-ment (what that mean?)
Prada on me choppers on me crock on Maury kicks kicks (word)
God was for me locks was on me
Blew up ever since then (okay okay)
Grew up ever since then
Screwed up ever since then
Do-ups up ever since then
(Kill 'em Flacko)
Nah big homie
(Now can’t a nigga see I ain’t got no time for games)
Money outta pocket homie (money outta pocket)
All these niggas pockets homie
Chopper let 'em live
I was only six when I crept up in the crip
Found a Sig, what I did what I did (Oh!)
Cock it homie
Now its in my pocket homie
I got the r-rocket on me
Dare you nigga t-try try me homie
For the love of spread
I'ma butter bread
Man I prolly should be dead
Was it 'cause of what I said?
What I

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