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2 Chainz – Rule The World ft. Ariana Grande

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2 Chainz - Rule The World Klingeltone

Why don't we ride four deep
Rode so far, we on E
She on E, she on me (Yeah, yeah)
Let's try that way... okay
Shawty came in, walkin' like a model
Shaped like a bottle
She know if she mess with me, it's gon' be trouble
I'ma bust that bubble
I'ma always love her, mess up all the covers (Yeah, yeah)
Watch me break it down like a foldin' chair
See me in the Chain Reactions, I got 40 pair
Sorry I ain't answer the phone, I was slappin' ass
Last night ain't answer, I was pullin' hair
Y'all know me, so lowkey
All this ice on, I got cold feet
My shawty bad, she a trophy
She like to lay on me and call me cozy (Yeah)




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